With ZoomCloud there’s a better way!

  • Free trial accounts allow you to try Zoomcloud, removing the risk from your buying decision.
  • Zoomcloud with a simple flat fee per user, per month. Users can be added at any time or removed if the need arises.
  • Every user is using the same software version, there are no longer any compatibility issues. Productivity increases and down times are reduced considerably.
  • Zoomcloud is one of the best ways of protecting your business from a natural disaster.
  • The productivity gains and reduced costs of using Zoomcloud will often outweigh any monthly fee.

A better way to stabilise your IT costs.

With ZoomCloud™ you can budget for your IT costs and ensure there are no surprises.

In most cases, ZoomCloud™ is much more affordable than running your own servers.

A better way to eliminate computer and server problems.

With ZoomCloud™ all of your computer server servicing is provided.

Your staff have access to our 24/7 helpdesk, and most problems can be resolved remotely.

We pride ourselves on keeping your computer systems related stress levels very low.

A better way to utilise smart devices and keep your software current.

With ZoomCloud™ smartphone and iPad services are standard.

ZoomCloud™ always delivers the very latest version of Microsoft Office.

Receive free ultrafast fibre business internet!*

Talk to us about how you can make the most of it when you move to a better way with ZoomCloud™!


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Our Happy Clients

‘Since we have started using ZoomCloud all our problems with network speed and reliability have vanished. Our frustrations are gone and we can get on with the work. A very satisfied customer!’.
Robyn Park, Solid Wood Innovation
‘We were looking for a complete business solution to host our servers and specialist software. Not only has Zoom provided this solution, but we now don’t have to worry about service, compatibility and back ups. The system is reliable and the helpdesk knowledgeable and friendly – they have delivered on what was promised!’
‘At Wera, we have many people working in different locations. ZoomCloud has given us the ability to be all working on the same page. Shared calendars and shared files system has given us a whole new tool to reduce costs. We absolutely love Zoomcloud.’
‘We used to use a small company to service our computer network. They were hard to get in contact with when we needed them most. The Zoomcloud support team always answer their phone and are on the job immediately. Not that we have had to use them much. It never breaks down- Sue Bedford’
Sue Bedford, Total Hydraulic Solutions Ltd

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