Posted by ITCo on Thursday, 8 March 2018

The ZoomCloud™ Advantage

Anywhere, anytime, any way you want.

Take advantage of the Cloud and the ZoomCloud™ Business Desktop!

The ZoomCloud Recipe:
Take everything you use on your computer at work, throw away your old server, add in the latest Microsoft software, have it all delivered at a flat rate per user per month price, and you have the ZoomCloud Business Desktop!

There is a better way

ZoomCloud™ is a flat fee per user per month. Users can be added or removed at anytime .Learn More

Reduce IT costs

With ZoomCloud™ you can budget your IT costs to ensure there are no surprises.
Learn More

Smart Devices

A better way to utilise smart devices and keep your software current.
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No More Servers

 You no longer need to have your own server, because we have the hardware to run ZoomCloud™ . Learn More

Fantastic Support

Our service help-desk is supported 24/7 Our trained dedicated server experts are on call when you need them.  99% of issues can be handled over the phone and with remote access, problems become minor very quickly.  We don’t operate call centers and you will quickly appreciate how easy it is to deal with our support team.  You can phone back and speak with the same person and we don’t make you wait on hold.

Because every user is using the same software version, there are no longer any compatibility issues.
Productivity increases and down times are reduced considerably.
ZoomCloud™ is one of the best ways of protecting your business from a natural disaster.
The productivity gains and reduced costs of using ZoomCloud™ will often outweigh any monthly fee.
Free trial accounts allow you to assess ZoomCloud™ before you commit, removing all the risk from the buying decision.

We remove the need to visit your site saving you the cost of our visits.  Servicing onsite is expensive.  You get 24/7 support included in your monthly fee. Take the tour today.


 In most cases, ZoomCloud™ is much more affordable than running your own servers.
A better way to eliminate computer and server problems.
With ZoomCloud™  all of your IT server servicing is provided.
Your team have access to our 24/7 helpdesk, and most problems can be resolved remotely on the spot.
We pride ourselves on keeping your computer related stress levels very low.
With ZoomCloud™  smartphone and iPad services are standard.
Never miss an appointment or email again. Shared calendars and file structure are a real advantage.
ZoomCloud™ always delivers the very latest version of Microsoft Office.
No more email problems as everyone has the same version.

Replacing servers and software is expensive and you have to front with the capital up front.  There is always a off line period when replacing a server and our experience is that little issues arise immediately after an upgrade or replacement that drove the staff crazy.  Emails missing, files moved, capability issues and the need for training on new versions of software.  It is a very stressful time for any business owner and it is this experience that drove us to develop ZoomCloud™.  We knew there was a better way and one that would have our clients singing our phrases and not grumping when the upgrade didn’t go 100% first time.  We wanted to get away from upgrades and replacements on the clients site.  This was costing them large amounts of capital which honestly is best spent in other areas.  ZoomCloud™ absolutely reduces the need to spend capital on IT services.
Smart devices are no longer toys.  They are a very important part of doing business and give your team the ability to work away from their desk.  ZoomCloud™ has the smarts to link your smart devices with your desktop.  Anywhere in the world you can log into your desktop and access your files, read your emails, send emails and make appointments.

  • Connect your team with each other and manage files on the run.
  • Work in real time and give your clients a better level of service.
ZoomCloud™ is about giving your business the tools to grow your business.  In todays market the clients want it now.  Being efficient and  responsive is setting businesses apart from their competition.  Tools like ZoomCloud™ are designed to help your be competitive.  We are very strong advocates for businesses to adopt smart software to improve their performance.  We work very hard to give our clients the edge, and support them to grow their business.

Why Choose ZoomCloud™

      • We fully understand how business works and what makes a difference.
      • We will reduce your costs and down time … Guaranteed.
      • Computer issues will become a thing of the past.
      • Make one decision – Go ZoomCloud™ and you will never have to worry about computers again.
      • Our support team are just that.  Support when you really need it.

What people say

‘Since we have started using ZOOMCloud all our problems with network speed and reliability have vanished. Our frustrations are gone and we can get on with the work. Very satisfied customer!’.
Robyn Park, Solid Wood Innovation
We were looking for a complete business solution to host our servers and specialist software. Not only has Zoom provided this solution, but we now don’t have to worry about service, compatibility and back ups. The system is reliable and the helpdesk knowledgeable and friendly – they have delivered on what was promised!