The days of spending large amounts of capital on servers is gone.

As the business owner you will know the pain of purchasing or replacing servers.  High capital costs plus the real pain of having IT staff configure the server and network to your environment.

In our experience this was a very stressful time for business owners and absorbs a great many hours of everyones time.  There is always compatibility issues and licenses to be upgraded not to mention the problems around different operating versions on the various PC’s within the business.

With ZoomCloud™ these issues disappear.  We provide the server which is powerful, stable, safe and secure.  We then have users connect through RDP so the PC operating system is not an issue as long as the PC can access the internet.  Email and files structure is the same across all users and greatly reduces the risk of conflicts.

We have spent many hours designing ZoomCloud™  to eliminate all the issues we use to experience on clients sites when we provided onsite server support.

Many of our clients now say ” you have reduced my computer worries to zero, it’s unbelievable”