Machine learning era in cyber security: a step towards a safer world or the brink of chaos?

Informative article about machine learning applied to Cyber Security, by ESET.

Executive Summary
Advances in the field of machine learning have kicked off a completely new era. An era where almost
any piece of data collected is processed and analyzed via algorithms that depend on machine learning
technology – cyber security included. Yet even this innovation has its drawbacks and limitations.
This document seeks to describe the hype that machine learning technology has caused in cyber security
and how this influences business decision makers.

Link to the PDF document.

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Is Australia creating a backdoor into business data – via Azure and AWS

Recently the Australian Government pushed ahead with an anti-encryption bill in draft form to potentially give authorities access to IT systems located in Australia when requested.

For New Zealand companies this could include implanting access into an organisations systems to gather information.

At best, NZ business data located in Australia could be accessed without knowledge even when encrypted. This type of government access to stored data will be a first for the western world.

For further reading:
Australia’s encryption law threatens NZ cloud data, By Richard MacManus Article link

The devil is in the detail of government bill to enable access to communications data Article link

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Notification: Microsoft Service Provider License Agreement increases from 1 January 2019

Microsoft has announced increases to its hosting licensing prices effective 1 January 2019, that will affect ITCO ZoomCloud Hosted customers.

The good news is that ZoomCloud will not increase current charges for ZoomCloud customers who are still inside the first 12 months of their hosting contract.

However, ITCO customers who’ve been on ZoomCloud for longer than 12 months will see a price increase reflected in their January 2019 invoices.

Price increase details
From 1 January 2019, hosted infrastructure and Microsoft Office offerings in the Microsoft Service Provider Licensing Agreement will increase as follows:

15% for Windows Remote Desktop Services SAL
10% for Windows Server Standard Core
10% for Windows Server Datacenter Core
5% for Core Infrastructure Server Suite Standard Core
7% for Core Infrastructure Server Suite Datacenter Core
10% for Cloud Platform Suite and Guest
10% for Exchange SALs
10% for Office SALs (includes standalone SKUs such as Word, Excel)
10% for Project SALs
10% for SharePoint SALs
10% for Visio SALs

More information
If you have any questions about the Microsoft increases, please get in touch with our support team.

October Microsoft increases announced for Azure services

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Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365

From $3.50 – $99.50

Veeam backup provides peace of mind and legal compliance for your Microsoft Office 365. What most people do not realise is that Microsoft have a retention policy not a backup policy. From $3.50 per month/user you can back your important business data up. Price will be dependent on the amount of data been stored.

Call now 0800 885511

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Practice Managers Group Checklist

Imperatives for the IT Owner

You data is important to you – know where it is
You need mobility – always connected, always on
Demonstrate a modern business to staff and customers – not Luddites
Minimise downtime – no interruption
Future proof your technology – be flexible not locked in
Increase competitiveness – consider being first to market
Improve cash flow management – budget & smooth costs indexed to staff

Cloud Desktop Videos

Practice Managers Presentation
Click here to view the presentation as a PDF document.
Assessing the Cloud – Practice Managers Group

Feedback and questions
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Waiariki Student Helps ITCO Develop New Health & Safety Software Product


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SmartFridge shown at CES 2016 in Las Vegas

This Samsung Smart Fridge with LCD screen has cameras to check the contents, and connects to your grocery store to order goods using credit card.


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Vacancy Filled – Server 2012 RDS Guru

Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by, our RDS Guru role is now filled.


The ITCO Team

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Smartphones are getting larger

Smartphone Screen Size is Growing
Apple and Android have been converging on a common 5.5-inch screen size. The iPhone, which started out at 3.5 inches has grown by 57% starting with the release of the iPhone 5 in 2012. Growth in the Samsung Galaxy S range also growing by 28% since 2010.

While mobile app usage is continuing to overtake desktop internet usage, apps for messaging, social networking, navigation, and gaming have changed smartphones from the simple voice call device. Manufacturers are following the trend by adapting screen size and interfaces.

So what of the future? Will screen size continue to grow unabated with users dropping phones in favour of small tablets so that only one is device needed – probably not, after all it is hard to imagine a night out with a tablet in your back pocket. Perhaps two devices per user is the future?

Mark Wilkinson is one of the founders of Zoomcloud. You’ll find him on Twitter @markwilkinsonnz

Rotorua Hospice Dinner – Supported by ZoomCloud

ITCO and ZoomCloud proudly supports a Black Tie Dinner with All Black greats Buck Shelford and Hika Reid – as a fundraiser for Hospice Rotorua.

Rotorua Hospice provides a free service and although it receives money to cover nearly half of its operating costs from the Lakes District Health Board, the shortfall has to be mainly filled by the generosity of the community.

Along with Buck Shelford and Hika Reid, also taking part in the evening will be radio talkback host, author and columnist Kerre McIvor (nee Woodham) who will host the event, and entertainers Michael Murphy and Rebecca Wright.

Tickets are on sale at the Hospice Shop in Eruera St or Steiners Interiors by Reputation in Pukuatua St.