Smartphone market share 2014 – Where are the stars?

Apple continues to hold onto market share at 18% with Android 78%, Microsoft has a sliver of the market, with Blackberry on the decline toward zero.

Forecast for Smartphone Growth
Forecast major growth for Smartphone is in China and Asia in the next 12 months.

With the iPhone around US $600 and Android close to US $200 indicates some differences in the marketing and profit approaches.

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Your Office in the Cloud

Ever wondered about using cloud services for your business, but not keen on your files being stored somewhere overseas?

There are alternatives to Office 365 that still provide Word and Excel in the cloud with local support, and your files and email securely stored in your country. Shop around and look for services like ZoomCloud a New Zealand based company which offers locally served cloud services in multiple datacenters across New Zealand, under a trusted brand.

The advantage of a local cloud service provider is that you can customise your cloud and have your own business applications delivered along side the Microsoft email and Office suite. With local support you can also visit and talk directly to get technical advice, and get input into your business planning.

A quick phone call or email or search will get you started. Ref: ZoomCloud in New Zealand Phone 0800 885 511

Top 10 Most Common Passwords of 2013

SplashData, a password management company listed the top three common passwords of the year 2013 as “123456” “password” and “12345678”.

This year’s list also had a number of Adobe themed words with short strings of numbers.

“Seeing passwords like ‘adobe123’ and ‘photoshop’ on this list offers a good reminder not to base your password on the name of the website or application you are accessing,” Morgan Slain, CEO of SplashData, said in a press release.
So what makes up a good password?

Use passwords of eight characters or more with different types of characters. One way to create secure passwords that are easy to remember is to use a passphrase (short words with spaces or other characters between them).
Use different passwords for each new website or service you sign up for.
Try using a password manager program that keeps all your passwords in one place and can automatically log you into websites.

Here are the top 10 passwords from the 2013 list (so don’t use these).



Latest Virtual Desktop Thin Clients Shown At CES

ViewSonic displayed its upcoming zero and thin client devices at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week. With their compact form factors and purported lower total cost of operation (TCO), these devices are used to connect end-users to virtual desktops; they’re designed to replace the traditional desktop PC with products such as ZoomCloud in New Zealand, providing flexibility and more efficient power usability for business. Read more on the new thin client

Auckland DHB looks to the cloud for better integration

Cloud computing can be used to link existing recruitment and retention-related processes and systems with other aspects of the business, according to Don Fulford, recruitment & retention manager at Auckland District Health Board.

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Turn your TV into a computer

Google recently caught everyone off guard with the announcement of its new Chromecast device. Google has been trying to get into your TV for a long time now. First they tried with Google TV, then with the Nexus Q. Both previous attempts have either failed to launch or has yet to take off. But now with Chromecast, Google may have a hit on its hands.


Supporting Red Stag Timber with support 24/7

The power of partnerships
In 2005 when Fletcher Forests closed their Rotorua operations the IT department was disbanded.  Two of the key personnel of that division Kane Vanner and Mark Wilkinson decided to take the opportunity to form their own IT company. The desire to remain in the area and continue their passion of providing IT support was the driving influence in creating ITCO.

Red Stag created the opportunity
Red Stag was ITCO’s very first client and given that ITCO knew the timber industry well, and were very highly skilled computer experts, a partnership was quickly formed.  ITCO became Red Stag’s IT provider, giving 24/7 support to their network and computer needs.  As Red Stag has grown so has ITCO and both have developed a very reliable modern computer network, which has been a vital part in Red Stag’s development.

The team has grown
As the demands of Red Stag and other corporate clients grew ITCO engaged many highly skilled computer technicians to undertake server maintenance and IT support.

The skill base in this new IT company grew with many of the staff bringing years of experience from major companies like HP, AT&T & Datacom.

Today ITCO employ 15 team members and although they have stayed under the radar they provide IT support to many of the large companies in the Rotorua region.

Their success has been fixed price support contracts.
ITCO knew from the start that most companies wanted to lock down and control their costs especially computer network costs.  ITCO have specialised in providing a fixed cost IT support programme which has worked very well for both parties.  The real benefit has been developing a highly skilled team to make sure work was of the highest standard to reduce time wasting […]